James Boren (jboren@earthlink.net)
Fri, 26 May 2000 14:39:19 -0800

>Apart from Mark Simmon's MS classics pic of this weird Marine MS,
>and perhaps the Pescatore in G Gundam(Which is'nt really a retcon
>since it's from another universe), has anybody attempted to redesign
>this rather goofy looking MS? Is there a version ka. lurking around
>somewhere, or a scratch-built resin kit? I'd really like to see if
>there are some up-to-date versions of this suit.

Well, I tried my hand at a retcon about two years ago.

I just stretched it out, giving it more of a waist and longer legs
(though still stubby.) It was one of the first MS drawings I did and
I'm not real happy with it. It's on my list of drawings to redo along
with my Gundam drawing. Lately I've grown to appreciate the quirky
early designs so I'm not sure what I'd do to it.

Kondo, has a model of the Zock he did in his "Go Ahead" book, but
it's mostly just a new paint job and lots of surface details, no
proportion changes to the old bandai kit. In his 0079 comic, Kondo
retconed many of the amphibious MS and MAs but curiously he left the
Zock as it is. Maybe he likes it?

And I don't think Katoki has ever redone it. I've noticed that lately
Katoki hasn't been making as many design changes in his drawings.
His Rick Dias drawing for the HGUC could almost be mistaken for the
original line art.

So it looks like Mark owns the world of Zock retcons!! Hail to the King!! ^_^;


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