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Fri, 26 May 2000 14:20:08 -0800

Hey Mark!
> Some of these - like the MS-04, MS-06R-3S, and RX-81 - are visualizations
>of mobile suits that were described, but never illustrated, in the MSV
>books. (In every case, though, they're pretty sucky interpretations.) Others
>are just bogus filler, like mass-produced and full-armor versions of damn
>near every Gundam in existence.

...and don't forget prototype versions. (forgeting the fact that
gundams are supposed to be the prototype)

These are real bad designs. Some of them are just unbearable to even
look at. (Avert your eyes! It's the mass produced ZZ!! ARGH! It
Burns!!!!) The only one I really like is the desert GM. It sort of
reminds me of the Powered GM. I have an interest in the Aqua GM, and
Gundiver only because of their prominence in Giren's Greed.

BTW, I really want to do a respectable retcon for them (just the Aqua
GM and Gundiver that is). Do any of you have better pics than are in
the MS Encyclopedia? They don't show the guns, and its too pixelated
to get much reference from Giren's Greed. And what's that thing on
their forearms--some sort of grappling hook? For an amphibious MS?


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