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Chris Maier asks,

> Just wondering, if the MS06R3 supposed to be some kind of prototype for the
> Geloog? Sure looks like one.

  Yep, that's the theory. The R-3 is supposed to be the fourth unit of the
R-2 type Zaku, which was retained at Granada as a testbed for Gelgoog
development and subsequently kitbashed into an essentially new mobile suit.
(See <> for the whole

  According to the MSV kit manuals, the principal modifications to the R-3
were to the waist and skirt - which makes sense, since the main difference
between the R-2 Zaku and the Gelgoog is that the latter keeps its main
thrusters in its skirt rather than in a backpack.

  Masahiro Oda of Stream Base, who wrote all the text for the MSV kit
manuals, actually did some sketches of the R-3 back in the '80s. While the
sketches themselves never saw publication, Oda used them as a basis for ZZ's
Zaku III, so we can assume that the R-3 was actually supposed to resemble
the Zaku III. (Which, I would add, has skirt thrusters and an optional
backpack just like the Gelgoog.)

  Okawara's take on the R-3, though, is just a goony hybrid of the Zaku and
Gelgoog with a bunch of random extra detailing. Can't say I care for it.

-- Mark

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