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Just wondering, if the MS06R3 supposed to be some kind of prototype for the
Geloog? Sure looks like one.
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> Chris Maier asks,
> > Where do they fit into the timeline, if at all? They raise many
> > such as, were there mass-produced versions of ZZ, Nu, and Psycho
Gundams, what
> > are the four RX-78s, and what the heck is an RX-81, anyway?
> These are original designs created by Kunio Okawara for the SD Club
> magazine, circa 1990. (Yes, they were originally created just to fuel the
> Gundam franchise.) They were reprinted in Entertainment Bible 25, and
> subsequently wormed their way into the MS Encyclopedia, where - to
> paraphrase Sutter Cane - they've contaminated time itself with their evil.
> Some of these - like the MS-04, MS-06R-3S, and RX-81 - are
> of mobile suits that were described, but never illustrated, in the MSV
> books. (In every case, though, they're pretty sucky interpretations.)
> are just bogus filler, like mass-produced and full-armor versions of damn
> near every Gundam in existence.
> -- Mark
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