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Chris Maier asks,

> Where do they fit into the timeline, if at all? They raise many questions,
> such as, were there mass-produced versions of ZZ, Nu, and Psycho Gundams, what
> are the four RX-78s, and what the heck is an RX-81, anyway?

  These are original designs created by Kunio Okawara for the SD Club
magazine, circa 1990. (Yes, they were originally created just to fuel the SD
Gundam franchise.) They were reprinted in Entertainment Bible 25, and
subsequently wormed their way into the MS Encyclopedia, where - to
paraphrase Sutter Cane - they've contaminated time itself with their evil.

  Some of these - like the MS-04, MS-06R-3S, and RX-81 - are visualizations
of mobile suits that were described, but never illustrated, in the MSV
books. (In every case, though, they're pretty sucky interpretations.) Others
are just bogus filler, like mass-produced and full-armor versions of damn
near every Gundam in existence.

-- Mark

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