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Did'nt Tomino state in Animerica that putting in all the UC stuff was just
so fans would'nt get on his case and say Turn A is'nt Gundam?
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> >Apparentally they have nanomachine technology, so some people say
> >G-Gundam....does'nt explain the Zakus and Kapool though..but then again
> >A attempts to incorporate all the timelines into one timeline....
> I wouldn't really say Turn-A tried that - as the series has ended, there
> still a lot of gaps and loose ends as far as unifying the universes is
> concerned. I think it's just a gimmick to give them the freedom to take
> whatever they see fit from previous series while trying to reel in old
> who wouldn't have otherwise cared about the series in the first place.
> these "exhumed classics" do is to give Bandai an excuse to reissue old
> as new MG, PG, FG, and HGUC kits.
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