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Quoth Roger,

> May I ask what you're using as visual models for these
> MS Classics entries? Are you sticking to a certain
> line of models, or the original line art?

  It's sort of an interpolation of all the various retcon versions - that's
one reason I've been dragging my feet with the 0080 and 0083 mobile suits,
since I've already thrown them into the blender in doing the regular
versions. (I must say, it's very helpful to have the HG-UC Gouf around,
since I can now tell which aspects of the B3 version are actual
modifications and which are just Katoki being Katoki.)

  I'd have to admit that, like all the Japanese fans who do online galleries
of classic mobile suits, I'm probably most heavily influenced by Katoki. In
the case of the Dom, I was largely inspired by the prototype pix of the MG
Dom shown in Hobby Japan, which was a bit more stylish than the final model.
For the Gelgoog, I pretty much ignored the MG version, threw in a little bit
of Jaeger (look at the elbow joints and chest), and came up with the legs
after scrutinizing the tiny thumbnail of a Gelgoog Marine in Katoki's line
art for the Lili Marlene's catapult deck (the only time I've seen Katoki
actually draw a Gelgoog).

> Yeah, the idea of a Gelgoog having to fly in an
> atmosphere continually pointing its arms downward does
> paint a funny picture,

  I'm not sure which end is the jet exhaust - the wrist end actually looks
more intake-like, which brings to mind the funny image of a Gelgoog flying
like Superman. (Well, it would allow it to use the beam rifle...)

> Well, I haven't played the game, but I think I nailed
> them...

  And so you did!

> Regarding that last one, Mark, you're probably the
> last person I'm asking about this: have you ever read
> anything that indicated the Prototype Dom and Gelgoog
> Cannon HCMs were recolored and issued as the Tropical
> Dom and Ridden's Gelgoog?

  No idea. I assume, if this were the case, it would be noted in Mediaworks'
Gunpla Catalogue - they seem to have covered every other wacky production

Nightingale writes,

> The 0083 influence is very strong and I like it, but
> how come the front skirt armours are so short?

  That's just my own taste. Think of it as a throwback to the original
version, with the angled front as a concession to the Jaeger's design.
(Plus, I thought it looked cool!)

> How about adding 08's Gouf Custom and Gouf Flight Type
> H-8, now that you've added RX-79 to the MS classics?

  At one point I was being all snobby about mobile suits that actually
filled a link in the development chain, versus those that were just redrawn
versions of the originals, but at this point the pleas of my readers have
softened my heart. These will be showing up in the fullness of time, along
with all the wacky 0080 and 0083 versions.

Blackeagle writes,

> Cool! I love your MS classics section by the way. I don't know about a grid
> pattern though, what about just putting hash marks on one edge of the
> picture?

  Hm... good idea. I'll try 'em both and see how I like it.

-- Mark

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