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Fri, 26 May 2000 11:37:06 -0700 (PDT)

Mark wrote:

> Thanks to everyone who commented on the earlier
> drafts for me - the new version is very subtly, but
> distinctly, improved, with flare-ier legs and
> shoulders and a general increase in butch-ness...

The 0083 influence is very strong and I like it, but
how come the front skirt armours are so short?

> Hm. Well, I have been doing some alternate color
> schemes, which will probably be filed under a new
> Giren's Greed section. (After all, they've started
> coming up with original characters and mobile suits
> for the game - I love the Gyan High Mobility Type!)

P-L-E-A-S-E ! I can't get enough of those cool-looking
medieval knights :) Only if Bandai think they are
popular enough to be HGUC-ized...

> See if you can identify these...

Dom (Ranba Ral custom)
Rick Dom Commander Type (Char Aznable custom)

Gelgoog High Mobility Type (Black Trinary custom)

Gelgoog High Mobility Type (Shin Matsunaga custom)

> And of course there's this one...

Gelgoog High Mobility Type (Johnny Ridden custom)

> Otherwise, I'm still playing catch-up. Next up is
> the Gelgoog Cannon, then perhaps the Gyan, and
> somewhere along the way I need to rework the MS
> Classics page to point to the new pages.

How about adding 08's Gouf Custom and Gouf Flight Type
H-8, now that you've added RX-79 to the MS classics?


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