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Posting a new thread to the list, because I still have
this wacky "post but no read" status with the

Mark Simmons ( writes:
> Thanks to everyone who commented on the earlier
> drafts for me - the new version is very subtly,
> but distinctly, improved, with flare-ier legs and
> shoulders and a general increase in butch-ness...

May I ask what you're using as visual models for these
MS Classics entries? Are you sticking to a certain
line of models, or the original line art?

> I still have a hard time accepting them as booster
> jets, but the notion that they can be swapped for
> other devices (as per the MG kit manual) makes it
> a bit easier to swallow.

Yeah, the idea of a Gelgoog having to fly in an
atmosphere continually pointing its arms downward does
paint a funny picture, but the swappable aspect was
demonstrated back with the original Gelgoog Cannon
kit, I guess, with the forearm shield and the grenade

> See if you can identify these...

Well, I haven't played the game, but I think I nailed


Ranba Ral's Dom.


Char's Rick Dom, from the novels.


Black Trinary Gelgoog, cool!


Shin Matsunaga's Gelgoog, love the addition of the
naginata on these, BTW.


Johnny Ridden's Gelgoog!

Regarding that last one, Mark, you're probably the
last person I'm asking about this: have you ever read
anything that indicated the Prototype Dom and Gelgoog
Cannon HCMs were recolored and issued as the Tropical
Dom and Ridden's Gelgoog? This is a nagging rumor I've
been trying to track down forever, and I've come up
goose eggs every time. I think someone might be
confusing the original MSV kits with the HCM toys.

> Oh, and a little-known factoid - all the MS illos
> are in scale, including the Gundam Wing ones. The
> scale works out to 16.5 pixels per meter, which I
> may underscore by dropping in grid patterns behind
> the pictures. :-)

So we can see how tall the Tallgeese really is, eh?
Something tells me that the animators were really
rushing things in the episode where Duo uses the
Heavyarms to battle Zechs' Tallgeese in the snow.

Great work on all of it, Mark, and thanks!

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