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Core replies,

>> Bear in mind that - if Giren's Greed is to be believed - Ranba Ral would
>> have beaten Amuro if he'd been given a Dom. (As it is, he damn near
tied him
>Was that the inexperienced Amuro or the experienced Amuro?

  Somewhere in between - after his first encounter with Ranba Ral, but
before Odessa.

>Was that a sequence of 9 1-on-1 battles or a 1-on-9 battle? If you factor
>out the "anime hero must win no matter what" effect, I wouldn't bet on
>Amuro/Gundam taking on 9 regulars/RDoms at the same time. Just pulling
>numbers out of thin air, I would hesitate to let any pilot to increase
>ability of an MS by more than 2- or 3-fold.

  Actually, in the TV series we get two iterations - one where Amuro
takes on a dozen Rick Doms with backup from the other WB pilots, and
takes out nine of them, and then another battle where he goes out
completely alone and takes out six Rick Doms (and scraps Conscon's ship
for dessert). You could consider six to be the maximum number he's
engaged simultaneously in a self-contained fight, sans any kind of
support. Since he fights them all in one big mob, I think it's completely
fair to say that at this point Amuro and his Gundam have the combat
potential of a half-dozen normal Rick Doms.

  Using my estimate that one Gundam is worth two Rick Doms, this would
make Amuro three times as effective as a normal pilot, the upper limit of
your range. That could work...

>Another idea (which I didn't want to devulge, because I wanted to focus on
>MS not pilots) is to give a NT-piloted MS a boost in the DE score (+2?).
>The reason being the main advantage of being NT is ability to sense a
>hostile attack. I can also consider giving a small boost to the AT score
>(+1?). I am not being stingy, but giving a DE+2 and AT+1 is pretty big!

  Yeah, I was wondering about the possibility of making the pilot effect
additive instead of a multiplier. It would be easier to account for the
minimal effect they have on ships (which have much higher intrinsic
defense scores), but it makes it hard to justify the 1 Amuro in Gundam =
6 Rick Doms computation above. :-)

>That sounds pretty reasonable. But a Musai = Salamis? The S is a lot
>bigger than the M, at least according to the models.

  True, and the models are actually in the correct scale. (The 1/1200
White Base is a bit big - it's more like 300 meters - but the other
1/1200 models are perfect.) I'd figured that the Musai is higher in
volume, but it's still a bit smaller.

  Tell you what. Let's give the Musai higher offense, thanks to all its
turrets and missiles, but lower defense due to its lack of anti-aircraft guns.

>And where do you place the White Base (without the MS)? About 24 ZEQ?

  Hard to say. It armament seems a bit light, but it's big and covered
with anti-aircraft guns. I'd say it probably follows the Salamis example
- moderate firepower, especially compared to a Magellan, but superbly
defended, as befits its role as a flying carrier fortress.

-- Mark

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