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Roger writes,

>At long last, the Gelgoog ver. Si (Simmons) is posted!
>Kudos on this one, Mark.

  Aw, shucks. :-)

  Thanks to everyone who commented on the earlier drafts for me - the new
version is very subtly, but distinctly, improved, with flare-ier legs and
shoulders and a general increase in butch-ness...

>Neat tidbit about the swappable forearm modules.

  I still have a hard time accepting them as booster jets, but the notion
that they can be swapped for other devices (as per the MG kit manual)
makes it a bit easier to swallow.

>I know that the White Wolf Gelgoog was on your list of
>future MS Classics, any other previews you could let
>us in on?

  Hm. Well, I have been doing some alternate color schemes, which will
probably be filed under a new Giren's Greed section. (After all, they've
started coming up with original characters and mobile suits for the game
- I love the Gyan High Mobility Type!) See if you can identify these...


  And of course there's this one...


  Otherwise, I'm still playing catch-up. Next up is the Gelgoog Cannon,
then perhaps the Gyan, and somewhere along the way I need to rework the
MS Classics page to point to the new pages.

  Oh, and a little-known factoid - all the MS illos are in scale,
including the Gundam Wing ones. The scale works out to 16.5 pixels per
meter, which I may underscore by dropping in grid patterns behind the
pictures. :-)

-- Mark

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