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On Fri, 26 May 2000, Jeff Caraway wrote:

> Hi All,
> I have a few things I have been wondering about.
> (Preface: I have only seen Wing, but have been buying lots of models from
> all series)
Welcome to the list =)

> 1. What is that ship(?) that comes with the GM Sniper kit from the 08
> series?
That would be the Mobile Armor Asparous, piloted by Ayna Sahalin.

> 2. Is the GP02A a bad mobile suit? I've seen pictures of it fighting other
> Gundams which I thought were good guys.
In Gundam 0083, the GP02 is stolen by Anaval Gato. All of the picturs you
see are usually of it fighting the GP-01 or GP-03 piloted by Kou. There
are many times when Gundams have fought, so its not unique ... Z Gundam
had AEUG and Titan style RX-178's, for one offhand.

> 3. Is the Jagd Doga good or bad?
Bad =)

> 4. How about the Sazabi? (Sure looks bad to me!)
That would be a baddie as well. Pilotted by Char Aznable in Char's
Counterattack for his final showdown with Amuro in the Nu Gundam.

> 5. When painting models, do most of you paint the parts before assembly, or
> after? If after, do you disassemble it into major parts before painting?
> 6. Have any of you seen the 3D Gundam Modeller on
> It looks as if they sell this software package, but I haven't seen it
> anywhere else (in English). What's the scoop on this thing?
I've seen stuff generated with it. From what I remember, it only works in
the Japanese version of Win9x (someone correct me if I'm wrong).

> Thanks,
> Jeff C
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