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>Yes, but it'll also let the ocean in. Lots of steam will probably be
>produced during the first hour or so, until enough sea water fills the
>crater to seal off the breach, turning it into an undersea
>volcano. Thereafter, the crust may "heal" or not -- I can see it going
>either way.

        From what we saw of the crater in 0083, it probably healed --
nothing similar to the underwater volcanoes of Hawaii.

>The mass and velocity will play a more important role than the shape. The
>shape of the colony would affect the shape of the crater, as would its
>angle of impact, but I don't think it would affect the size of the crater.

        Won't the shape of the colony slow it down as it enters the
atmosphere, depending how it hits the atmosphere, as well as making it tumble?

        Interesting thought. Shoot a colony at an angle such that it will
not bounce off the atmosphere, but mighe just be possible that the colony
will skip when landing. The carnage could be a heck lot more, especially if
you aim it at a population center, but the crater might not be so obvious as
the Sydney crater that we see in 0083.

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