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<< In the back of my mind, I am still developing a
glorified version of
the boardgame Gundam Simulation (see my site). So I am
trying to come up
with some match-ups to help determine the stats for
each units. So for all
those interested, how many of each unit would you put
down as a fair

Let's start with an example:
___ Gundam = ___ Dom

First of all, I will take Newtypes (Amuro) out of the
equation, in my
game, all pilots are assumed to be veterans and equal
in competency.
Now in the last 5 episodes of 0079, Amuro in Gundam
were trashing Doms
without breaking a sweat, but I want to discount that
evidence a bit.
I would concentrate on the fight between Gundam
(Amuro) vs. 3 Doms
(Black Trinary). It was a very even match with Amuro
gaining the
final victory by a hair (Matilda may have given him a
second of time by sacrificing herself). Now both Amuro
Black Trinary are above the level of plain veterans,
was Newtype but inexperienced, Black Trinary are a
bunch of vets, I give Amuro an edge. So, that means in
the hands of
regular pilots, 3 Doms will beat 1 Gundam. So somewhat
arbitraily, I will set:

2 Gundams = 5 Doms

Ready? Fight! >>

Ok, all things being equal, we have vets vs. vets,
or I should say, oldtypes vs oldtypes, and this is a
space combat, then:

1 Gundam = 2 (Rick) Doms

I am assuming Doms are using bazookas,
no machine guns, no panzer fausts. Dom
has an advantage of sheer speed, and Gundam
will have a hard time aiming. In "08th
MS Team" OVA, average-skilled Karen (piloting RX-79)
has a hard time deal with a hovering Dom.

1 Gundam = 3 Zakus

Zaku (MS-06F/J) is slow, less agile, thinner
armour, and inferior firepower in most cases.
i am assuming Gundam uses beam rifle, but the result
won't be much different if it use 100mm machine gun,
just the Zaku's suffering will be a bit longer,
say last for another dice turn :)

1 Gundam = 1 Gelgoog

Gelgoog's only disadvange in inferior
body armour; other than that, this is
an even match, and Gelgoog also has a shield
to dodge initial shots like Gundam/GM does.

3 Gundams = 1 Elmeth*

Assuming Elemth's Psycommu Bits (total 12 units)
cannot perform multitracking, then we can sacifice
1 or 2 Gundams and let the remaining unit take
on the mobile armour, which is thin armoured and less
agaile in close range.

2 GMs = 3 Zakus

Beam spray gun is no beam rifle, and
GM has cheaper armour then that of Gundam.
Also, Zaku can block initially with right
shoulder shield, which can be held by left hand
a la Zaku I or 0083's Gelgoog Marine.

1 GM = 1 Dom

This is an even match, even if Dom
uses machine gun. Although their specs
are evenly matched, my impression is
Dom has an edge in raw moving speed,
but GM mayve a little more agile in
close combat. Still 1 to 1 sound right
for me in this case.

5 Balls = 1 Gelgoog

...because Gelgoog has better speed,
firepower and defence.

2.5 Balls = 1 Zaku

Ball's 180mm cannon is not easy for
a slow Zaku to take :)

3 Balls = 2 Dopps

Dopp wins by shear speed, heh heh!

1 Core Fighter = 1 Dopp

Even match. Without RX's torso,
Core fighter is a jet fighter
evenly matched by Dopp (machine
guns and missiles).

2 Fly Mantras = 1 Dopp

Hmm... uneven match here.
Fly Mantras is a fighter-bomber
which can be easily dealt by
the speedy Dopps.

3 Publics = 2 Dopps

Public is a dedicated missile boat
for anti-ship or special mission
like we saw in the siege of Solomon.
Assuming it has no other armaments
other than a pair of big missiles,
than they'll need to team up
to fend off the Dopps, a dedicated
jet-fighter cum space-fighter
(by the order of Core! :)

2 Publics = 1 Musai

Just be safe, if one Public got fried by
Musai's cannons, plus Musais are
light cruisers, meaning they have
better speed than Salamis.

1 Salamis = 3 Zakus

Salamis is slow, but no pushovers
it has machine gnu turrets (iirc)
to bug the Zakus, and could take them longer
to sink it if they are using machine guns
instead of Bazookas.

2 Salamis = 3 Doms

Doms are fast and powerful enough
to finish off a Salamis better
than Zakus.

1 Magellan = 3 Doms

Magellan is slower than Salamis,
but has more guns and bigger size,
better armors for Doms to deal with.

3 Gundams = 2 Musai

No Amuro or Newtypes, so
we need extra Gundams to
deal with warships, did
a better job than GMs and
Zakus of course

5 GMs = 2 Musais

GM has no missiles like Public
or better performance like Gundam,
so it'll take a team effort to
sink a Musai.

4 GMs = 1 Zanzibar

Zanzibars is faster than musais, and
has machine guns tarrets to welcome
the GMs :)

12 GMs = 1 Gwajzin

Let's assume 1 Gwajzin = 3 Zanzibars,
then it'll take a dozen of GMs to finish
off this monster! :) Don't forget
Gwajzin has numerous machine gun tarrets
all over the ship for denfence so it's no
sitting duck for GMs.

<<* Ok ok I can't resist putting a NT unit in, let's
assume this one has
   some kind of magical control system to let Elmeth
be piloted by a
   regular pilot >>

Why not put the Zeong here as well:

1 Zeong = 1 Megallan (thanks to a vivid demonstration
                      by Char in 0079 animation :)

        = 3 Gundams (similar case as Elmeth)

you work out the rest! :)

and if you consider putting more one-off MS,
then here's my take, for example:

1 Kampfer = 4 GMs

We are not talking aces like Misha from Cyclops
Team, so the Kampfer pilot will have a his hand
full of GMs even if the MS is super-duper. Just
forget "firing a pair of panzer faust at 2 GM Sniper
IIs and hit them" that sort of thing.

I'll think about the other MSV mechas
such as Pezun Dowage, Gabaldy alpha, etc..
if you need to use them :)


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