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Fri, 26 May 2000 02:20:02 -0800

This is a series of questions, theories about the early UC years.

How did a unified world government (the federation) form? Was it a
decendant of the U.N., WTO, or another modern world body? Massive
overpopulation is the stated reason the world got together. In
reality free trade (greed) will probably bring about a world
government more than any social reason. (If such a thing could ever
happen at all!?)

So the first colonies go up. I'm sure the first colonies were filled
with people who wanted to go, -for the whole adventure, start a new
life- kind of thing. I few govn't incentives could entice the next
batch of colonists to leave earth. Free housing, tax breaks, jobs,
etc. So now the first sides are all filled with generally happy,
contented colonists.

Now the Feds have to get tough, everyone who's wanted to leave has
already gone, so these new colonies are all going to be filled with
deportees. And since they had their chance to leave for the nice
colonies, let's put them in these new closed cylinder colonies where
we can stuff more people in. So side 3 is filled with angry people,
packed closer together, and furthest from earth. No wonder it was
such a powder keg. And also why they would have such little love for
the other colonies.

Of course, what order where the colonies populated in? That sort of
ruins my theory. Oh and considering how few people were allowed to
remain on earth, there was probably a strong environmentist agenda
associated with the eviction program. I'm sure there were plenty of
conflicts as people refused to leave, even wars maybe? Might make for
some interesting stories if only MS had been invented sooner.
(alternate universe?)

Comments anyone?


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