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> Why do Gundam's need to be mass produced, won't GMs with the latest
>technology work? I got the impression that Gundam's are prototypes, that
>Ace pilot gets to use, until he destroys it or gets a new one. Second, that
>the Gundam was used as a test bed for prototype MS technology and weapon's
>and that what worked would be used in the latest version of the GM and what
>didn't would either be scrapped or improved until it work correctly. I get
>second impression from the fact that GMs used the same weapons (mostly the
>same) that the Gundam uses, I.E., the 0079 GM in model kits mostly, has the
>RX-78's Bazooka and Shield, so why not its Beam Rifle and armor?

Well, the story is the reactors on basic GM's aren't suitable for powering
beam rifles. Only a few variants, like the Snipers, have the specially
tuned reactor which allows them to use powerful beam rifles.

As for the armor, the original RX-78-2 was built with Luna Titanium which is
evidently godawful expensive.

> What is the main reason or reasons, whichever the case may be, it costs
>much that a Gundam is mostly a one of a kind or a few prototypes? The armor
>material, the internal systems? I do see the point of mass produced
>but wouldn't a GM that's equal to that Gundam of that era be just as good
>is there certain things that are very expensive to make that are used in
>creation of a Gundam?

Part of this is it varies from Gundam to Gundam. In general, Gundams are
prototypes built to test new technology. Sometimes (if this prooves
successful) the technology is simplified into a production model.

The original RX-78 was a test type, meant to prove the Fedration's MS
technology. When it proved the basic tech, the Gundam design was simplified
to produce the GM.

The only real difference between the RX-79[G] Gundam Ground and the
RGM-79[G] GM Ground seen in the 08th MS Team is that the Gundams were built
using parts leftover from the initial Gundam development at Jaburo, while
the GM Ground used GM parts.

The RX-78NT-1 was a testbed for the new magnetic coating technology and
other enhancements like the linear seat cockpit. Some enhancements from the
Alex went into the GM Custom.

The GP series Gundams from 0083 were all prototypes and technology testbeds.

The Gundam Mk. II from Zeta Gundam was a testbed for linear frame

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