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> Both you and Rodick emphasized the cost of the Core
> Fighter. Is it really a big deal? The anime never
> mention the cost or shortage of CF's. It seems
> whenever there's a capable pilot, there's always a
> and/or V Gundam standing by.

Considering the size of League Militaire and the kind
of support they got comparing to AEUG in Z Gundam, the
manufacturing cost is an obvious factor, otherwise,
they won't bother to create a non-CF,
non-transformable cheaper version of "Gundam" like the
GunEz and the improved Gun Blastor.

> The CF has life-support, head (sensor array),
> computers. Each of the CF, top and bottom parts
> must have independent nuc reactors, propulsions and
> computer.

But the 'brain' is still the CoreFighters. In the TV
show, we only get to see around 6 V Gundam/Hexa, and
Odero and Thomas didn't get to pilot Gundams but
instead has to settle on Gun Blastors. We never get to
see the truly strength of League Militaire alone as a
fighting force thoughtout the show, but if what was
shown on TV was an indication, LM has the technology
to produce advance MS like V Gundam series, but
lacking financial supports from big enterprise such as
Anaheim Electronics or SNRI of the past. That's why we
see Usso's father working very hard trying to drum up
support from the Federal Force to help their cause
against the Zanscares. He knew LM alone is not enough
to overcome the odds.

> The top carries the beam sabre and beam shield, so
> should have a big reactor. I really don't see a lot
> of reasons to suppose that the CF is more expensive
> than the top or bottom parts.

Both the beam rifles and beam sabres can be
manufactured at low cost, as evidenced by the durable
nature of V Gundam's beam rifle when its long barrel
was damaged (like a slash by enemy's beam sabre), the
main rifle part can be disposed and the bare-bone beam
pistol can still function perfectly.


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