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<< Well the core fighter of RX series were intended to be
 an escape device, but in V Gundam, the CoreFighters
 are utilitzed effectively with the top or bottom parts
 of MS torso to form air-combat units depending on the
 circumstances. Another good reason for transforming
 MS, as demonstrated in V Gundam, was that you can
 always dispose the damaged torso parts and reintegrate
 with a fresh body and joib back the battlefront very
 quickly. Since by now these torsos can be mass
 produced at low cost, the aim of mass-producing top
 notch MS like Gundam is no longer a pipe dream, as
 long as you have the money to mass produce
 CoreFighters. >>

  Thanks Core and Nightingale for the information. I understand perfectly the
practical uses for combining Gundam's now, especially during the V Gundam and
0079 period. The G Armor makes a lot of sense, in a way.

  Why do Gundam's need to be mass produced, won't GMs with the latest
technology work? I got the impression that Gundam's are prototypes, that the
Ace pilot gets to use, until he destroys it or gets a new one. Second, that
the Gundam was used as a test bed for prototype MS technology and weapon's
and that what worked would be used in the latest version of the GM and what
didn't would either be scrapped or improved until it work correctly. I get my
second impression from the fact that GMs used the same weapons (mostly the
same) that the Gundam uses, I.E., the 0079 GM in model kits mostly, has the
RX-78's Bazooka and Shield, so why not its Beam Rifle and armor?

  What is the main reason or reasons, whichever the case may be, it costs so
much that a Gundam is mostly a one of a kind or a few prototypes? The armor
material, the internal systems? I do see the point of mass produced Gundam's,
but wouldn't a GM that's equal to that Gundam of that era be just as good or
is there certain things that are very expensive to make that are used in the
creation of a Gundam?


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