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Nightingale wrote:
> produced at low cost, the aim of mass-producing top
> notch MS like Gundam is no longer a pipe dream, as
> long as you have the money to mass produce
> CoreFighters.

Both you and Rodick emphasized the cost of the Core Fighter. Is it really
a big deal? The anime never mention the cost or shortage of CF's. It
seems whenever there's a capable pilot, there's always a CF and/or V
Gundam standing by. The CF has life-support, head (sensor array),
computers. Each of the CF, top and bottom parts must have independent nuc
reactors, propulsions and computer. The top carries the beam sabre and
beam shield, so it should have a big reactor. I really don't see a lot of
reasons to suppose that the CF is more expensive than the top or bottom

Are you quoting from some V ref book?

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