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>> What's the purpose of combining Gundam's,
>> flexibility? Can't the parts of the Gundam be shot
>> down, before the parts have a chance to combine
>> the Gundam? Does another Gundam use covering fire
>> protect the parts as they are combining into a
>> Gundam? I like the idea, but its very Voltronish.
>> What I am trying to say, what realistic purpose do
>> combining Gundam's serve? I know Gundam is just
>> fiction, but its suppoesed to be a "realistic"
>> show.
> Don't forget the original RX-78 is a combining
> robot.

Well the core fighter of RX series were intended to be
an escape device, but in V Gundam, the CoreFighters
are utilitzed effectively with the top or bottom parts
of MS torso to form air-combat units depending on the
circumstances. Another good reason for transforming
MS, as demonstrated in V Gundam, was that you can
always dispose the damaged torso parts and reintegrate
with a fresh body and joib back the battlefront very
quickly. Since by now these torsos can be mass
produced at low cost, the aim of mass-producing top
notch MS like Gundam is no longer a pipe dream, as
long as you have the money to mass produce


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