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If Macross was using the Omni Barrier the ships would all be destroyed by the
inevitible overload. (the Empire isn't known for restraint ^_^) Then they could
do the "Macross attack" (Put pinpoint barrier energy in front of the booms) and
ram their way thru to the DS core, where they fire all of their reaction
missiles and overload the barrier again...BOOM.

Of course the alternate possibility is that after hearing Mari Iijima's singing,
Darth Vader defects and helps Macross destroy the DS and the emperor with his
Super star Destroyer! ^_^

---Brett Jensen

Jam Masta' Jay wrote:

> >This depends, at range, the Death Star's planet busting laser is a lot more
> >powerful than the Macross cannon. On the other hand, if the Macross
> >manages
> >to get close and ram, it's bye bye Death Star. After all, the Death Star
> >has a proven vunerability to internal attacks and the Macross has a proven
> >ability to launch them . . .
> >
> >
> Plus you have to take in the fact of the squadrons of TIE Fighters, TIE
> Interceptors, TIE Bombers, Star Destroyers, Super Star Destroyers and the
> countless Gun Turrets the Second Death Star had (Yes, I'm a Star Wars nut).
> May the force be with you,(Tee Hee Hee)
> -Jay
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