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Mark Simmons wrote:
> Well, it's a bit of a silly topic, but since it's Core asking... :-)

Being crazy has its advantages!

> 1 Gundam = 3 Zakus
> ...

Thanks! Anyone else joining the fray? (Come on, KurenaiJiku, Paul
Fields, Blackeagle, Blazeeagle, and anyone else!) Add your own matchups

> Bear in mind that - if Giren's Greed is to be believed - Ranba Ral would
> have beaten Amuro if he'd been given a Dom. (As it is, he damn near tied him

Was that the inexperienced Amuro or the experienced Amuro?

> By the time the White Base reaches Side 6, Amuro is able to trash nine
> Rick Doms with normal pilots singlehanded.

Was that a sequence of 9 1-on-1 battles or a 1-on-9 battle? If you factor
out the "anime hero must win no matter what" effect, I wouldn't bet on
Amuro/Gundam taking on 9 regulars/RDoms at the same time. Just pulling
numbers out of thin air, I would hesitate to let any pilot to increase
ability of an MS by more than 2- or 3-fold.

> Following the example of Giren's Greed, it might be interesting to
> establish maximum pilot-effectiveness multipliers for each vehicle, so that
> a GM might be almost as good as a Gundam but offer far less leeway for a
> superior pilot to strut his stuff...

Another idea (which I didn't want to devulge, because I wanted to focus on
MS not pilots) is to give a NT-piloted MS a boost in the DE score (+2?).
The reason being the main advantage of being NT is ability to sense a
hostile attack. I can also consider giving a small boost to the AT score
(+1?). I am not being stingy, but giving a DE+2 and AT+1 is pretty big!

> Given my ratings, Amuro circa Side 6 would be worth at least five normal
> pilots (3 x 5 = 15 Zaku-equivalents, or versus ... 9 ... Rick Doms.)

The maths works out pretty ingeniusly. But err... You really think
Amuro/Gundam can take on 15 Zakus or 9 Doms at the same time? That's a
bit too superhero for my taste :P

> As for the core fighter and Dopp, I'll be generous and rate them at 0.5

My prejudise says Core Fighter = 0.5 Zaku, Dopp = 0.33 Zaku.

> As for ships... it typically takes more than three mobile suits to take
> out a cruiser. I'd say that a Musai or Salamis should be worth at least a
> half-dozen Zakus in terms of defensive capability, going up to double digits
> for the big battleships. (This would allow the Black Trinary to take out a
> Magellan if they were using something a little better than a standard Zaku.)

Hey I like that! I was afraid ppl would undervalue the ships. I like
Salamis = 6 Zakus.

> So I'll say maybe 6 Zakus for a cruiser, 12 for a Magellan, maybe 10 for a
> Zanzibar and 20 for a Gwazin,

That sounds pretty reasonable. But a Musai = Salamis? The S is a lot
bigger than the M, at least according to the models. And where do you
place the White Base (without the MS)? About 24 ZEQ?

> but at this point I'm pretty much pulling
> numbers out of my butt.

Aren't we all doing that? :)

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