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> What's the purpose of combining Gundam's, flexibility? Can't the

For the original 0079 tv series, the excuse is that G-Armor is a
high-speed long-range carrier for Gundam, kind of a combined
flying-tank-APC deal. The sweet part is that after the Gundam is ejected
from its belly, the G-fighter is a rather respectable fighter. It still
doesn't feel completely realistic because Amuro and Sayla often would not
seperate until the fight has already started. And no matter how cool
G-Fighter looks, an MS carrier shouldn't be such a good fighter. Gunpeille
is much more realistic.

For Z, there's no combo, just transformation. The general excuse is that
the MA mode is high-speed long-range firepower mode, the MS mode is agile
melee combat mode. Some MA modes have special ability such as atmospheric
reentry for Zeta. Most MS/MA transformation is very fast, so it's not
supposed to be a liability to transform during combat. Some pilot
transform back and fore upto 5-8 times without breaking

For ZZ, it just plain doesn't make sense. Early on in the series, the
show was crazy hijinx comedy, so it's ok to have a Voltonish combo
sequence. Later on when the series got serious, the ZZ combo thing began
to stick out as an eyesore.

For V, the combo thing wasn't exactly portrayed as an real advantage.
There are several factors:
1. The good guys are almost always under seige, so very often the parts
   are not all repaired/resupplied when the pilot has to launch something,
   anything, so the crew always fix up the Core Fighter first, then the
   top, then the bottom. The pilot(s) took off in whatever is ready.
   During the battle, when some or all of the other components are ready,
   they are launch and combine with the manned (and womanned) units.
2. Core Top is a very good fighter, while V Gundam has limited flying
   speed and range. So against fighters and helicopters, you would use
   Core Top, against MS you would use Gundam. Core Bottom is probably a
   good figthter also, maybe it's more of a fighter/bomber. But it's not
   used as often so I can't really say. Core Fighter by itself is an
   excellent flyer, with very limited firepower and ammo, it's best for
   non-combat courier missions.
3. When in-combat combination is necessary, either because of availability
   of repaired/resupplied components, or of changes of enemy type (fighter
   vs. MS), they show a great variety of ways to create the time and space
   for the combo. Either other units provided cover fire, or the pilot
   create a distraction or many other ways. The point is that it doesn't
   feel contrived or repetitive or lame. Not very lame, at least.
4. During combat, the pilot can get out of a tight situation by seperating
   the components. Say the enemy grabbed a hold of your legs, the Core
   Top can seperate and still put up a good fight and wait for a chance to
   recombine with the legs again (somehow the bad guys are too stupid to
   destroy the captured legs). Chinese has a saying that goes "Cassida
   shed the shell" to describe such tricks.
5. Sometimes the combo thing just doesn't work out and some components get
   shot down. If a base or ship is near by, more unmanned components can
   be launched. Or a lesser pilot will give a component to a better
   pilot, putting all the eggs in the best basket. If no support is in
   sight, the pilot's only option is to hightail it.

In one memorable episode, Usso went out in a V Gundam, got his butt kicked
and is hanging on his dear life with just the Core Figher, just then
Marvette and Oliver, each piloting their own V Gundam, come to the rescue.
We were then treated to a chemistry lesson:
      CFig(U) + 2 V(M,O) --> V(U) + CTop(M) + CBot(O)
The three amigos then proceed to rout the enemy. It was quite a rush!

> idea, but its very Voltronish. What I am trying to say, what realistic
> purpose do combining Gundam's serve? I know Gundam is just fiction,
> but its suppoesed to be a "realistic" mecha show.

G-Armor scores a 7/10 on technical and a 9/10 on artistic. I still
suspect that Tomino replaced the G-Armor with the Core Booster partly
because he wasn't very happy with the realism of the G-Armor. But damn
the G-Fighter is cool.

Z mechas score a 6/10 on technical and 7/10 for artistic. The
transformation is fast enough that it's not a sitting duck for too long,
but rearranging all the components of a 20m, 30tons MS in 0.2sec is just a
little crazy. And transforming several times during the same fight feels
weird to me. Some of the MA modes are pretty cool.

ZZ scores a 3/10 on technical and 5/10 on artistic. The hanging-extra-
manned-Core-Figther-out-to-dry thing is just stupid. And I don't like the
ZZ at all.

V mechas score a 8/10 on technical and 8/10 on artistic. The mechanical
realism is not perfect, but the writers did make up a lot of creative
situations to justify everything. And some of the good guys and bad guys
mechas and components are very cool. Hmm actually... many of the MS are
very uncool, but a lot of the components are pretty good.

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