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Apparentally they have nanomachine technology, so some people say
G-Gundam....does'nt explain the Zakus and Kapool though..but then again Turn
A attempts to incorporate all the timelines into one timeline....

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> << Following the events of CCA, MS technology began a process of
> minaturization
> which resulted in the average size of a Mobile Suit ending up somewhere
> the 15 meter range. This size difference isn't noticable in V Gundam,
> is in F91, when we see Crossbones Vanguard Denan series MSes going up
> against the old warhorse Jegans (still in service after 30 odd years)
> cockpits are the only parts that can't really be minaturized, and the
> stay about the same size.>>
> How big is the Turn A? I forgot excatly how tall it is. Has anyone been
> able to determine the origins of the Turn A and Turn X? Why do they
> to each other, who created them, what era are they from in the Gundam
> etc.?
> << 1/100 scale F91 and V Gundam kits are slightly larger than 1/144 kits
> the earlier shows. >>
> Wow, that's pretty small for 1/100 kits, but I like that size. It just
> occured to me how small the V and F 91 mecha are.
> Aaron
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