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Core writes,

> In the back of my mind, I am still developing a glorified version of the
> boardgame Gundam Simulation (see my site). So I am trying to come up with
> some match-ups to help determine the stats for each units. So for all
> those interested, how many of each unit would you put down as a fair
> matchup?

  Well, it's a bit of a silly topic, but since it's Core asking... :-)

> Now both Amuro and Black Trinary are above the level of plain
> veterans, Amuro was Newtype but inexperienced, Black Trinary are a wiley
> bunch of vets, I give Amuro am edge. So, that means in the hands of
> regular pilots, 3 Doms will beat 1 Gundam.

  Bear in mind that - if Giren's Greed is to be believed - Ranba Ral would
have beaten Amuro if he'd been given a Dom. (As it is, he damn near tied him
with the Gouf.) Factoring out Amuro's rapid progress as a pilot, it still
seems likely that Ral is a better pilot than the Black Trinary members...

  By the time the White Base reaches Side 6, Amuro is able to trash nine
Rick Doms with normal pilots singlehanded. If your 2.5 ratio holds, then we
can estimate that Amuro is four times more effective than a normal pilot.
(I.e. 2.5 x 4 = 10 Doms.)

  Following the example of Giren's Greed, it might be interesting to
establish maximum pilot-effectiveness multipliers for each vehicle, so that
a GM might be almost as good as a Gundam but offer far less leeway for a
superior pilot to strut his stuff...

Anyway, on with the rankings! Just to be contrary, I _will_ try and make my
guesses internally consistent, and even try to model the effects of the
pilot while I'm at it. :-)

  1 Gundam = 3 Zakus
  1 Gelgoog = 2 Zakus
  1 Dom = 1.5 Zakus
  1 GM = 1.5 Zakus
  1 Gouf = 1.25 Zakus
  1 Zaku = 1 Zaku
  1 Ball = 0.5 Zakus

  Thus, one Gundam equals 1.5 Gelgoogs or 2 Doms. One GM equals one Dom;
throw in a Ball for backup, and it can take on a Gelgoog.

  Given my ratings, Amuro circa Side 6 would be worth at least five normal
pilots (3 x 5 = 15 Zaku-equivalents, versus 1.5 x 9 = 13.5 Zaku-equivalents
for the hapless Rick Doms.) Let's say he's worth four at Odessa (12 ZEQs),
and we can estimate the Black Trinary at three normal pilots' worth apiece
(1.5 x 3 x 3 = 13.5 ZEQs). During his duels with Ranba Ral, Amuro could have
gone from two to three pilots' worth (6 to 9 ZEQs). And so forth.

  As for the core fighter and Dopp, I'll be generous and rate them at 0.5
Zakus. Thus, Amuro at twice the effectiveness of a normal pilot could take
out twelve Dopps, or three Zakus and six Dopps, using the Gundam; if he were
using a core fighter, he could still take out a Zaku.

  As for ships... it typically takes more than three mobile suits to take
out a cruiser. I'd say that a Musai or Salamis should be worth at least a
half-dozen Zakus in terms of defensive capability, going up to double digits
for the big battleships. (This would allow the Black Trinary to take out a
Magellan if they were using something a little better than a standard Zaku.)

  So I'll say maybe 6 Zakus for a cruiser, 12 for a Magellan, maybe 10 for a
Zanzibar and 20 for a Gwazin, but at this point I'm pretty much pulling
numbers out of my butt.

Well, I think I got a bit absurdly numeric towards the end there. I'll stick
to qualitative assements from now on. :-)

-- Mark

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