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> I'm a little confused about the combining systems of ZZ and V Gundams-
> each part is piloted individually, right? So what happens to the other
> pilots? Do they simply sit in say, the arm of the Gundam while
> somebody else does the fighting, or do they all fight together a la
> Gekigengar? I know this sounds a bit silly, but information on ZZ and
> V's mecha is a little hard to come by...

A typical mission with ZZ goes like: 3 human pilots fly the top part, the
Core Fighter, and the bottom part out. At the battle (don't ask me why
they wait until the last moment to combine), the three units combine and
you are left with a ZZ Gundam and 2 extra Core Fighters (and 2 extra human
pilots). The ZZ stomp on the bad guys, the extra Core Fighters try to
hide in some nooks and crannies and stay alive. But very often they
become a liabilty and so the ZZ has to take a break from the battle and
come babysit the Core Fighters.

In V, the top and bottom parts (without the Core Fighters) each have
artificial intelligence which is smart enough to stay around the human
pilot and not get shot down (usually). Once in a while, they can be
remotely commanded to provide support fire. But that's risky because the
AI is not smart enough to stay alive in the fray of battle. Sometimes,
the unmanned top or bottom parts get shot down and more (there are usually
enough spare parts, the V Gundams are all mass-produced) has to be
launched. The unmanned top or bottom parts are also sometimes used in
ramming attacks. Their nuclear reactor is supposed to be effective
against big ships and installations.

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