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In the back of my mind, I am still developing a glorified version of the
boardgame Gundam Simulation (see my site). So I am trying to come up with
some match-ups to help determine the stats for each units. So for all
those interested, how many of each unit would you put down as a fair

Let's start with an example:
___ Gundam = ___ Dom
First of all, I will take Newtypes (Amuro) out of the equation, in my
game, all pilots are assumed to be veterans and equal in competency. Now
in the last 5 episodes of 0079, Amuro in Gundam were trashing Doms without
breaking a sweat. But I want to discount that evidence a bit. I would
concentrate on the fight between Gundam (Amuro) vs. 3 Doms (Black
Trinary). It was a very even match with Amuro gaing the final victory by
a hair (Matilda may have given him a vital second of time by sacrificing
herself). Now both Amuro and Black Trinary are above the level of plain
veterans, Amuro was Newtype but inexperienced, Black Trinary are a wiley
bunch of vets, I give Amuro am edge. So, that means in the hands of
regular pilots, 3 Doms will beat 1 Gundam. So somewhat arbitraily, I will
2 Gundams = 5 Doms

Ready? Fight!

___ Gundam = ___ Dom
___ Gundam = ___ Zaku
___ Gundam = ___ Gelgoog
___ Gundam = ___ Elmeth*
___ GM = ___ Zaku
___ GM = ___ Dom
___ Ball = ___ Gelgoog
___ Ball = ___ Zaku
___ Ball = ___ Dopp**
___ Core Fighter = ___ Dopp
___ Fly Mantra = ___ Dopp
___ Public = ___ Dopp
___ Public = ___ Musai
___ Salamis = ___ Zaku
___ Salamis = ___ Dom
___ Magellan = ___ Dom
___ Gundam = ___ Musai
___ GM = ___ Musai
___ GM = ___ Zanzibar
___ GM = ___ Gwajzin

* Ok ok I can't resist putting a NT unit in, let's assume this one has
   some kind of magical control system to let Elmeth be piloted by a
   regular pilot
** I know, I know, Dopp is an atmospheric fighter, but I can't go without
   a Zeon space fighter can I? Call it a Rick Dopp and humor me please.

It's a long list, and it should get even longer, but I don't want to push
it. It won't be possible to make it internally consistent, and it
shouldn't be internally consistent. For example, I think 2 Publics should
kill a Zanzibar hands down, because Public is much faster and can stay out
of Zanzibar's AA fire, and its torpedoes (missiles) will make short work
of any large slow target. However, 2 Dopps or 1 Zaku can easily take out
2 Publics, but it doesn't follow that 2 Dopps or 1 Zaku can sink a
Zanzibar, so I would put down:

2 Public = 1 Zanzibar
4 Zaku = 1 Zanzibar
4 Public = 1 Zaku
3 Public = 2 Dopp
15 Dopp = 1 Zanzibar

Have fun!

PS (long): my hope is that I can make this whole matchup thing to work out
using just 7 stats for each unit:

MP = movement point
R = firing range
AT = attack accuracy
DE = defence probability (small and agile units have higher DE)
HP = hit points
DM = weapon damage (hit points taken when attack is successful)
C = cost

And as I said, no stats for pilots. How would it work? It goes like

Fighter (Dopp) hi short med-hi hi low low ?
Bomber/T.Boat (Public) med med-long med-low low low hi ?
Mobile Suit (GM) med-hi med hi hi med med ?
Ship (Zanzibar) low long low v.low v.hi v.hi ?

This is just a start, I have a general idea about Fed vs. Zeon too:
For fighters: Dopp < Core Fighter
For MS: Zaku < Dom < GM < Gelgoog < Gundam
For ships: Musai < Salamis = Zanzibar < Megellan = Gwazin < White Base

How you vote will help determine all 7 stats. Feel free to use any method
to determine the matchups, TV/movies, Gundam RPG, chicken entrails,

Name: Core
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Condition: Critical

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