Chris Beilby (
Thu, 25 May 2000 22:52:50 GMT

> I did not know that the V Gundam mecha are that small! What's the size
>limit of the pilots? You are right, but for some reason there's an MSiP
>Gundam F 91 as well. Are the 1/144 V Gundam kits this small as well!? How
>are the 1/100 V kits, then?

Following the events of CCA, MS technology began a process of minaturization
which resulted in the average size of a Mobile Suit ending up somewhere in
the 15 meter range. This size difference isn't noticable in V Gundam, but
is in F91, when we see Crossbones Vanguard Denan series MSes going up
against the old warhorse Jegans (still in service after 30 odd years) The
cockpits are the only parts that can't really be minaturized, and the pilots
stay about the same size.

1/100 scale F91 and V Gundam kits are slightly larger than 1/144 kits for
the earlier shows.
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