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Chris Maier asks,

> Actually I've been there, however, I'm curious about the commando types from
> 0080, The BD and the other GMs in Blue Destiny, and also, the GMs from 0083
> and how they relate to those produced later on(Nemos, Jegans, those things in
> F91 and Victory)

  Okay, let's give it a shot. Here's a quick survey of GM variants and

* RGM-79[E] and RGM-79[G]
Pre-production versions of the GM, seen in 08th MS Team. The [G] also comes
in a green-painted, beam rifle-toting sniper version.

* RX-79BD series
Testbeds for the EXAM system, as seen in Blue Destiny. The first system was
installed in a [G] type GM, but they ended up lopping off its head and
mounting it on an RX-79 body; the second and third units were purebred RX-79

* RGM-79
The standard.

* RGM-79L and RGM-79SC
The Light Armor and Sniper Custom versions from the MSV series. These are
limited-production, high-performance variants for ace pilots.

* RGM-79D
A cold-weather variant seen in 0080. Its detailing makes it look like a
predecessor of...

* RGM-79G and RGM-79GS
Improved versions of the GM for space use; this is the GM Commando seen in
0080. The regular G is for use inside colonies, and the GS (with a larger
propellant supply) for outside.

* RGM-79SP
The last GM version of the war (so far!). It's a high-performance sniper
version based on the GS type, seen in 0080 and the new Dreamcast Side Story

  That's it for One Year War versions. Now, on to the postwar...

* RGM-79C
The standard version as of 0083. It's supposedly based on the G type, but in
terms of specs and physical appearance it's just a Kaotoki-fied version of
the standard GM. (The same line art was used for the RGM-79[E] model in 08th
MS Team.)

* RGM-79N
The GM Custom, a high-performance model for ace pilots. It's derived from
the work of the Augusta Base engineers during the war, e.g. from the Alex

* RGM-79Q
The GM Quell glimpsed at the end of 0083. It's a variant of the GM Custom
produced for the newly-formed Titans.

* RGM-79R, also known as RMS-179
The GM II seen in Z Gundam. While it's more advanced than the C, G, and N
types - with a better generator, beam rifle capability, and a modernized
cockpit - its appearance is a throwback to the original GM. (Well, it was
designed in 1985...)

* RGM-86R
The GM III seen in ZZ and Char's Counterattack. Much improved over the GM
III, with better armor and parts derived from the Gundam Mk. II.

* MSA-003
Anaheim's version of the GM II, with Gundarium armor and some Rick Dias
parts. Roughly on a par with the GM III.

  This pretty much ends the direct GM line. Later series feature new designs
- the MSA-007 Nero from Gundam Sentinel, the RGM-89 Jegan from CCA, the
RGM-109 Heavygun from F91, the RGM-119 Jamesgun and RGM-122 Heavygun from V
Gundam - that are clearly descendants of the GM and Nemo, but don't retain
the GM name or any of its structural elements.

-- Mark

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