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Actually I've been there, however, I'm curious about the commando types from 0080, The BD and the other GMs in Blue Destiny, and also, the GMs from 0083 and how they relate to those produced later on(Nemos, Jegans, those things in F91 and Victory)
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  Well I can answer a few questions, but your best answer is to look
  at Mark Simmons MS Classics archive, and look at the development
  of the Gundam and then the GM from it...

  Start reading where it says an Army of Gundams...

  -Z- if you're out there is there an easy bookmark for the section
  I tried to go over the page source and find it, but can't make a
  heads or tails of it...


    Being fairly new to Gundam(I got into to it in January from watching 0080 and 0083, and then it grew when Wing came on) I'm just a little confused about the GMs lineage, since there are so many...especially the GMs during the OYW era. Can anybody help me sort how the GM evolution fits, at least for OYW?

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