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It was for the PC, Windows specifically.
At first it did'nt work quite right, but I managed to download a dll. that
made it function.

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> Anyway, my neibhor, who visits Japan a lot, loaned me a Gundam
> "Plastic Model Database" CD, which I found interesting. It's a fairly old
> CD(1995 or so). It covers all the One Year War models up to High Grade
> Gundam, and features nifty clips of some of the mecha in action, old
> Gundam model commercials(Including some for MSV)and the model making
> process(It particually shows V Gundam models being loaded onto a Gundam
> truck!) It's a very interesting CD, does anybody know if anymore were
> of these covering other shows and eras, and where they are available?
> Chris
> There's a vol. 2 disc with Zeta Gundam on the cover. It covers the other
> kits, many are from the "alternative universe" shows. BTW, was the disc
> you looked at for the Mac or PC?
> Eddie
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