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Dave writes,

> I know this all just anime physics, but would a colony even survive
> re-entry? Colonies strike me as being rather fragile. Over half of their
> surface area is windows, which I cant image were ever designed to stand much
> heat. Just my 200 yen.

  I'll pass on the materials-science issues, but I would note that some
accounts of the Operation British colony drop - esp. the Shin Matsunaga
bio-comic - claim that, prior to boosting the colony out of orbit, the Zeons
had to spend a while reinforcing the colony cylinder so that it would
survive re-entry intact. In Gundam Century and the Matsunaga comic, we see
laboring Zakus equipped with huge coolant packs to keep them running
throughout the hours and hours of this massive bit of combat engineering.

  Of course, the animated colony drops in 0083 and ZZ dispense with this
fussing - the colonies are depicted as unadorned, unreinforced cylinders.
It's possible that they might have been reinforced internally during their
lazy spiral towards Earth, but it's not like they bolt sheets of scrap metal
over the windows or anything obvious like that.

-- Mark

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