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Hey -Z-
Maybe you should add some info about a colony drop to your High Frontier web page?

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Vince Leon

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I know this all just anime physics, but would a colony even survive
re-entry? Colonies strike me as being rather fragile. Over half of their
surface area is windows, which I cant image were ever designed to stand much
heat. Just my 200 yen.

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> At 20:21 05/23/2000 -0400, wrote:
> >Can't comment on the 500km crater size, but the problem of crater size as
> >a function of the dropped body has been solved. For example, you can
> >at a crater on the Moon or Mars or Earth and give a very good estimate of
> >the meteorite. So given the approximate mass of a colony, the crater
> >should be known. Is there a planetary astronomer in the house?
> Rule of thumb from my astronomy course -- the size of the crater
> 10x that of the object's diameter, and the depth 1.5-2x. That means the
> impacting object of a 500km object is about 50km in diameter, and will
> a 75km deep crater -- won't that let the magma out?
> Can't tell how the shape of a colony will affect this though..

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