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Thu, 25 May 2000 10:45:57 -0700 (PDT)

It looks as if I was total off base when I made my guess about a month
ago when we first started to talk about this 1.5 business.
I thought they were just going to make a Ver. ka Rx78 with the parts
from the 2 GMs.
In a way, I am kinda glad, then now I can continue the modification w/o
feeling that I am wasting my time. But on the other hand, I wish that
they had redesigned the whole kit, not just make it look like the PG.
Oh well.

Would like to do a close comparison for the 1st MG and this 1.5 though
when it comes out. Anyone up for the challenge?

--- wrote:
> Upon closer inspection, it appears that the MG Gundam ver. 1.5 is a
> hybrid of the previous MG and the PG versions. The new "interior
> leg" is a pretty accurate replica of the interior leg structure from
> the PG, but the arms (not the SHoulder armor though) are exactly the
> same as the old MG. The body looks resculpted to match the PG. Any
> thoughts?
> Jason
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Gus Jae

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