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BlazeEagle@aol.com wrote:
> Mobile Suit in Pocket and they are a little smaller then MSiA....The box says 1/144 scale, they are much smaller then all 1/144 kits, as far
as I know.

Actually, they are the right size (1/144 scale), since they were all
from the V Gundam era (except for the F91, but close enough). All of
the MS from that era are much smaller than previous UC mobile suits.
Isn't it funny how they just kept getting bigger and bigger - ZZ's MS
were bigger than Z's, and CCA's MS were even bigger (the Nu Gundam and
the Sazabi are HUGE compared to other "normal" UC MS). Then in F91,
they got smaller than Z or OYW MS, and stayed about that size through V

        Trevor in Irvine

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