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At 19:04 5/24/2000, you wrote:
>Well I can answer a few questions, but your best answer is to look
>at Mark Simmons MS Classics archive, and look at the development
>of the Gundam and then the GM from it...
> http://www.gundamproject.com/msclassics/
>Start reading where it says an Army of Gundams...
>-Z- if you're out there is there an easy bookmark for the section
>I tried to go over the page source and find it, but can't make a
>heads or tails of it...

It's not my site, so I don't know why you're asking *me* ... (^_^)

Just link to the first MS of interest in the sequence, the RGM-79[G] GM,
File Number 051:


Thereafter, navigate through the sequence using the right-pointing arrow
next to the MS Classics title bar.


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