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Lim Jyue wrote:
> Rule of thumb from my astronomy course -- the size of the
> crater is 10x that of the object's diameter, and the depth 1.5-2x.
> That means the impacting object of a 500km object is about 50km in
> diameter, and will cause a 75km deep crater -- won't that let the
> magma out?

There we go, so given a 6.4km diameter by 32km long containing mostly air,
a 500km crater is totally out of whack.

If you make a 500x75km crater on Earth, I wouldn't worry about a few
million tons of magma :)

> Can't tell how the shape of a colony will affect this though..

Without going to the math, a 6.4x32 colony should be equivalent to no more
than 12km spherical meteorite. The fact that it's hollow will also reduce
the damage somewhat.

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