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>I noticed, before I got interested in Gundam, that my school library has a
>Gundam book. Lately, I've been looking through it a lot more of
>course....it's a Gundam "Anime Art Book" that apparentally covers Movie
>III...it has neat stuff like storyboards, a character glossary,posters,
>and stills from the movie. Has anybody seen this book? It has White Base's
>Bridge on one side, and the Amuro/Lalah Sun/Abawaqu movie poster image on
>the other. Anybody else seen or have this book? The condition is a little
>bad(The binding's kind of falling out)causing it to be moved to the
>reserve bookshelf in the library recently. It's been somewhat of a
>curiosity among the librarians since it's entirely in Japanese and sort of
>out of place in the library...I wonder how it got there? I showed one of
>the librarians the cover of Animerica and they were suprised!

Sounds like the Kodansha TV Magazine Deluxe #9: Mobile Suit Gundam III
Anime Art Book (Theatrical Edition). If so, it'll be ISBN4-06-172459-2 and
have a cover price of 854.


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