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It would be real cool if we saw some vehicles and ships for once. MS are
fine, but Gundam is'nt just about the MS! A plastic form of any of the ships
have'nt come out since Zeta Gundam, and the vehicles have'nt been released
since the original(Although I believe there have been a few SD kits
    I personally like the Magella design, since it can seperate. I also like
the Dopp(Did anybody notice that it looked a little bit like those Droid
fighters in SW:TPM) and would like to see a larger version of that. Not to
mention more detailed White Base or Musai kits, or of ships that have'nt
been produced, such as the upgraded Pegasus class ships from 0080 and
0083(Troy Horse and Albion, I think).
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> I was just thinking about how it would be nice to have snap fit, HG
> kits of the vehicles from the Gundam universe. I would like to have an MS
> transport truck with the bed that raises and lowers the MS. The vehicles
> would be a breeze to design compared to a Gundam kit. I want the kits to
> on par with the HG mecha kits, I.E., if the vehicle has rolling tires,
> them out of rubber and make the vehicle rollable.
> What would be better yet, why not make vehicles as a sub line to MSiA
> I.E. an MS transport truck that can hold an MSiA, an MSiA Dop, an MSiA
> Base, etc. They made that transport sled from V Gundam as part of the MSiP
> figure line.
> I cannot remember the names of other vehicles in Gundam that would make
> nice kits. An MS maintenance scaffolding kit in 1/144 and 1/100 scales,
> be very nice.
> Aaron
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