Chris Maier (
Wed, 24 May 2000 18:39:25 -0400

I noticed, before I got interested in Gundam, that my school library has a Gundam book. Lately, I've been looking through it a lot more of's a Gundam "Anime Art Book" that apparentally covers Movie has neat stuff like storyboards, a character glossary,posters, and stills from the movie. Has anybody seen this book? It has White Base's Bridge on one side, and the Amuro/Lalah Sun/Abawaqu movie poster image on the other. Anybody else seen or have this book? The condition is a little bad(The binding's kind of falling out)causing it to be moved to the reserve bookshelf in the library recently. It's been somewhat of a curiosity among the librarians since it's entirely in Japanese and sort of out of place in the library...I wonder how it got there? I showed one of the librarians the cover of Animerica and they were suprised!
    Anyway, my neibhor, who visits Japan a lot, loaned me a Gundam "Plastic Model Database" CD, which I found interesting. It's a fairly old CD(1995 or so). It covers all the One Year War models up to High Grade Gundam, and features nifty clips of some of the mecha in action, old Gundam model commercials(Including some for MSV)and the model making process(It particually shows V Gundam models being loaded onto a Gundam truck!) It's a very interesting CD, does anybody know if anymore were made of these covering other shows and eras, and where they are available?


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