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Brett Jensen wrote:

> When you consider that a U at the end of a word in Japanese is usually (nearly)
> silent. Then it becomes clear that Gouf is pretty much pronounced as Goof with
> a soft F.
> The O sound in Japanese, is like the O in Dome, but I think Dome in a bit too
> long. I think it's somewhere inbetween Dome and Dom (Delouise). I've always
> just said Dom (like Dom Perignon)
> ---Brett Jensen

Brett, I think you made the mistake of thinking that 'Gouf' and 'Dom' are romanized
versions of the Japanese name when in fact they are Englishized names.

If you romanize the Japanese names they are 'Gu fu' and 'Do mu'. (Pronounced as

I think the best way to avoid pronouncing Gouf as Goof in English is to keep
the'G' and the 'ou' short so that it sounds more like ' gf '.

In Japanese the pronounciation of Dom (Deluise) and Dom(Perignon) would be exactly
the same as the Dom(MS). They are all pronounced 'Do mu'.

Since they chose to spell the name of the MS as Dom, and not Domu or Domoo , I
guess it should be pronounced in English as Dom, either Deluise or Perignon.


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