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<< These are new HLJ images from the Shizuoka show. I suspect it might be the
 MG Sazabi: >>

  What else could it be? I got the pics by typing in
BTW, I found more pics, Here goes:

HG Billbine? - - Its one nice kit, what
ever it is. I know its Billbine, but do not know what kind of kit this
picture is of.

MSiA Zeta Gundam? - - Is that a battle
damage paint job on the gun?

HG UC Rick Dias? - - Is that a clear
mono eye and beam saber blade?

HG UC Quebley mk 2? -

MG RX-79 (G) Gundam -

MG RX-78 Gundam version 1.5 -

Armored Gundam and recolored Zaku II MSiA set/two pack!

HG UC? Hizack looks nice! -


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