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<< I am just a dumb American, but it took me a month to find a copy of the
 Movie Trilogy. I would love to see UC of cartoon network because I find that
 evan with the dated animation, 0070 was a better series than Wing (IMHO). I
 would love to see what happens in this timeline, and would love evan more to
 see the Manga translated into English as I can't read Japanese. I have also
 been looking for model kits from UC but haven't been able to find any, so I
 think it is silly to judge the success of UC by what is out there now, if
 consumer has no access than how can it make money for Bandai? I know a lot
 people in the same position as me, they want UC but can't find it. I think
 Bandai really dropped the ball in this aspect. >>

I totally agree. I would love to see more UC as well. There's probably also
Americans that didn't like Gundam Wing and are turned off by Gundam, but
would like Gundam, if they saw a UC series.

Bandai should just put the original Gundam series on US TV, dubbed of course
and see what happens. That's really the only way to gauge the interest of a
UC series on US TV, even though it probably doesn't make good business sense.
More people are likely to see something if its on cable, then would with a
direct video release. Of course, this doesn't apply to a well known and liked
property. Sometimes a company has to take a risk sometimes and just hope it
works out. Bandai is a very successful company as well as it seems a very
cautious company.

I think maybe what you said could be one reason why UC isn't as popular among
Americans, is lack of Official English UC stuff. Another is Gundam Wing is on
American TV, not to mention the very first Gundam series on US TV. Now, if a
UC series was shown on CN and it became popular, then I am pretty sure we
would see a lot more UC stuff in English.


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