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 << I was talking with a friend who I used to work with at a comics/sci-fi
 merchandise store and I asked him how Gundam was doing and he said the
 non-Wing stuff was not selling that great. The Wing stuff is where the money
 will be. I can't fault Bandai if they decide to go with non-UC stuff. Its a
 business decision, and they did give the UC stuff a chance. However, video
 sales are not going to be enough, television is where the money is at and
 that is where their efforts will most certainly be focused. >>
   Oh, Yeah Direct to video is a way to gauge the "success" of UC in the US!
 Jeez! :) I don't mean to sound rude, but the Three 0079 Movies, 0080 and
 that are in English, is by no means any way to prove the success or the lack
 of success of UC stuff in the US. Tons more that have never seen Gundam saw
 Wing then 0079,0080 and 0083 did. Wing is on cable, not to mention that its
 49 episode TV series. An UC TV series needs to be shown on Cartoon Network
 with good promotion before one can find out how well UC will do in the US.
 The UC 3 movies and two OVA's, have not had the exposure that Wing has had.
 CN should show 0083 as a special event or something. I pick 0083 not out of
 personal bias, but because it's animation quality is still very comparable
 today's animation and it has plenty of action while still being a UC
 OVA/series. I don't see 0080 being shown on CN anytime soon :), Do you? 0080
 seems a bit too mature for CN, 0080 would work fine on a channel like Sci-fi
 for instance. >>

I am just a dumb American, but it took me a month to find a copy of the MSG
Movie Trilogy. I would love to see UC of cartoon network because I find that
evan with the dated animation, 0070 was a better series than Wing (IMHO). I
would love to see what happens in this timeline, and would love evan more to
see the Manga translated into English as I can't read Japanese. I have also
been looking for model kits from UC but haven't been able to find any, so I
think it is silly to judge the success of UC by what is out there now, if the
consumer has no access than how can it make money for Bandai? I know a lot of
people in the same position as me, they want UC but can't find it. I think
Bandai really dropped the ball in this aspect.

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