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Tue, 23 May 2000 23:33:18 MST

>Blackeagle wrote:
> > On another note, I think that next time Bandai makes a deal with CN to
> > a series, Bandai should give CN a break on the price in exchange for one
> > second commercial per episode. Bandai could use this commercial to hawk
> > series related merchandise, like model kits, MSiAs, manga, books, etc.,
> > well as advertising other gundam series on video.
>I believe US law prohibits this. That's why you never see ads for GI joe
>during GI joe or Transformers during Transformers etc...

Didn't they already show ads for the GW models during the inital runs of
Gundam Wing?

>---Brett Jensen

Chris Upchurch a.k.a. Blackeagle

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