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> I especially like that part, because it echoes the
> times when after a lonewolf skirmish, Amuro stopped and comforted a dying
> Zeon soldier and when the mother-son refugees helped the Zeon pilots who
> had eariler helped them. To me that kind of touchy feely stuffs is very
> important.

Yeah that sequence (in MSG) was great. I particularly like how Amuro assumes it's
a bomb they are dropping, but it turns out to be supplys! I disagree however about
08th MS team I think the Shiro/Aina thing is just as contrived as the romance in

> Likewise, I like (to a small extent) both Z/ZZ and CCA as sequels to 0079,
> but these are two non-compatible sequels!

Zeta is excellent, but ZZ hmmmm... I haven't seen all of ZZ yet but what I have
seen is not very good.

---Brett Jensen

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