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>There is a huge difference between deleting project data, and losing
>engineering talent. Saying they deleted the files explains why AE can
>not build another GP line of MS. However, saying they deleted the
>files does not explain how AE lost the ability to build suits as
>powerful as the GP line. If an engineering staff can design one suit,
>then the next suit they design will probably be better. Deleting the
>files does not change the experience of the engineering staff of AE,
>so unless you are willing to say that the Titans killed every
>engineer at AE, then you still have not explained what happened to
>all the know-how AE obviously demonstrated in 0083.

That can be answered too, but in a forced manner. One needs a whole design
team. if that whole design team loses people (i.e., killed or resigns), then
you don't have the gestalt skill required.

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