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><< But then again, many people grew up with Speed Racer and Battle of the
> Planets so their is the nostalgia drawing them back. For Gundam, there
> wouldn't be the same nostalgia for many viewers. >>
> Yep, but then again, there's people like me that watched Speed Racer
>because they liked it and not because of nostalgia, as well. I never heard
>Speed Racer, until I was changing channels late one night and saw it
>on MTV.

Semi-Funny Story: When I was at the Anime Expo convention in L.A. a few
years ago, the convention organizers used the hotel's cable system to show
various animation in raw japanese. I was flipping channels on the TV in my
hotel room and ran into Speed Racer. At first I wondered why they had
chosen to show something so old. A moment later I realized the dialouge was
being shown in Spanish rather than Japanese. Instead of looking at the
hotel cable channel, I was seeing one of L.A.'s Spanish language TV stations


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