Tue, 23 May 2000 22:43:12 EDT

  I was listening to a mission briefing in the US version of the Gundam
Dreamcast game and they pronounced "Dom" as "Dome", is this correct? I always
thought it was pronounced like its spelled, I.E. Dom.

  Another question, How is Gouf pronounced? The only way I can figure out how
to pronounce it, as Goof. Is this correct?

  A correction and addition to my quick Review of the game. I got a closer
look and those are fight planes, not sleds that the Goufs are riding on! I
did not know a fighter could support the weight of a Mobile Suit. One more
thing, I hope Bandai releases a US version of the Bonus disc, as I 9 missions
are not enough. This is really the only complaint I have.


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