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<< I totally agree. The point I was trying to make is that a television
broadcast is the only way UC Gundam will be a hit in the US. >>

<< It would seem easier from a business standpoint to go with a series like G
or X before they would go with something as outdated as the original Gundam.
And you can't have UC Gundam without starting from the beginning.>>

 I totally agree. If they release 0079 is the US, they have the MSiA's, but
wouldn't they have to make the 0079 mecha as new, GW level kits? American
consumers will probably now expect HG level kits as well as action figures to
go with a Gundam series US broadcast.
<< By UC Gundam, I am really not counting F-91 or VICTORY GUNDAM, because
those stories don't really require the background of the Earth-Zeon conflict.
I suppose you could show V, does anything think that would work? and then
backtrack to the original in some way?>>

  They should reanimated the 0079 series and then release it in the US and
Japan as well, if they want? A relaunch of 0079 with new HG kits, I can dream
<< I don't think the original 43-episode series would be successful on
American TV, even on the Cartoon Network. As much as I love the original
Gundam, its animation did not age well. ZETA, on the other hand, looks just
as good as most stuff out today. Of course, you couldn't show ZETA without
showing the original in some form.>>
<< I do wish they would just have Katoki or Izubuchi just ret-con every
single mobile suit/mobile armor and reanimate the original series as new
movies or OVA's. I'd like to see someone tell me that that would not make big
bucks for Bandai.>>

  If they reanimate it, I would like to see it in a TV series form, not in
the form of a movie or OVA. Even if reanimated, there's too much stuff in a
43 episode series that cannot possibly fit in a movie or three or an OVA. It
could maybe fit in an OVA, if its as long as Escaflowne. I at least hope they
release at least an English subtitled version of the original Mobile Suit
Gundam(MSG) series on DVD and VHS for the people who do not have a DVD player.

  I would love for them to retoconn the OYW designs, espcially if all the
retoconn's get a good HG level kits! :) I like the 0083 styled RX-78 that was
in a picture some posted a few months back. The RX-78 looked very similar to
the GP-01 without being oa rip off. You could tell it was the RX-78, but
inspired by the GP-01.
<< Has Tomino ever been approached or asked about that? or is he pretty cold
to the idea? >>

  I wish I knew the answer to your question. Can anyone else answer this?


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